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They, along with visionless state politicians, are presiding

CSU Chancellor Charles Reed and the Board of Trustees show zero leadership amidst the severest fiscal crisis the CSU has ever faced. They, along with visionless state politicians, are presiding over the systematic dismantling of public higher education in California. In the midst of the current economic crisis brought about by the failure of unregulated […]

High School Dance: “Fish Prom”, among others

Black Tropesmen Album Intro Track: “Funeral,” overlapping with Opening Narration (sort of). Ancient Tomb: Abigail has been buried in a vault beneath the mansion for years and years (STILLBORN!) And I Must Scream: Miriam’s screams can still be heard near the stairs, her soul unable to rest. Apocalypse Maiden: Jonathan is told early on by […]

Take in your gorgeous surroundings

Current Affairs (5) • The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) banned the number of years on Khalid Latif – 5 years 6 • Central Cabinet approved the merger of the 17 government presses in the number of units – five

Bring gum for the plane to help alleviate ear pressure

One 60 cm length of 89 by 19 radiata pine found in shed ($3.78 for a 1.2m length) One pocket knife $3.99 One pack cheap superglue $2.00 a steel ruler $2.00 One pack thumb tacks $1.95 Ukulele Tuning Pegs $4.69 Some bamboo toothpicks ($2 for quite a few) 1/4 sheet of 40 grit sandpaper (48c […]

The pool provided a lot of easy entertainment on a lot of slow

One thing I love about New Orleans: diverse cultural uniqueness at every corner. While walking around looking for a place to eat, we stumbled across this cute little boutique. They had purses, hats, bracelets and shoes I thought were so cute! The material is soft to touch. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll […]

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