Earlier in the week we discussed a collective project called The Assemblage and to those of you who don’t know, it is a crowd funded real estate project that will have a total of three different locations. In this post, we will be discussing the second location which is located on John Street.

This Business Space Was Built With Creativity in Mind.

This lavish business space has a wide variety of extras that would appease even the most savage critics. It has a yoga studio, a meditation room, a sound room, and even comes with spacious guest rooms that come equipped with kitchen amenities so you can have the luxury of cooking for yourself during extended stays. If you happened to read our earlier post on the first location located in the financial district, then you will also know that guests will also have the option of having Ayurvedic breakfasts and lunches while staying here as well.

However, the real fun lies in the design by Meyer Davis. The design itself was created to represent something known as biophilia which is described as people working and continuing everyday life around nature and living things. Not sure what we mean? Have a look at the pictures below and you should catch on rather quickly.


Take a Peek Inside.

Are you eager to see inside? Be prepared to be floored.


an executive conference room with a television

The Conference Room

a large gong inside of a room

The Sound Room

Office Building Entrance


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