This Coworking Office Space is One of a Kind

If you are tired of working at a typical office that leaves you feeling empty and uninspired, then keep reading, because we were amazed when we toured The Assemblage at 114 East 25th Street in Nomad. Better yet, this coworking office space is available for lease, so if you are interested after reading this post, please contact us or the Assemblage directly for more information.


What This Office Can Offer You and Your Employees

The acclaimed designer of the space, Meyer Davis, believes “it will help bridge the gap between work and life itself”.  Besides this 48,000 sf facility being completely furnished with exotic furniture and the necessary amenities for normal office life, this coworking office space can also provide its residents with a complimentary ayurvedic breakfast and lunch; however, it gets even better. This transformational work space can also allow individuals to attend yoga, and meditation sessions. Did we mention that these services are offered daily? Oh, and if you or any of your colleagues are feeling parched, why not visit the plant based bar? Just a thought!

Of course, the coworking facility has many private offices, state of the art conference rooms, and multiple areas that are perfect for holding social events. As their homepage describes, “We are a coworking, coliving and community space in New York City for those who believe in doing well by doing good.” The programming and events are fantastic.

Even the CEO of the Prodigy Network, a cutting edge real estate investment firm, plans on expanding this concept. He described The Assemblage as one that enables individuality, but one that is perfect for a collective collection of people.


This is Definitely Not Your Ordinary Office! Have a look!

The moment of truth is here and we want you to take notice of this spectacular co-working space.

beautiful workspace

The Assemblage Lounge Area


Other Office Space

Private Meeting Room


meditation room in new york

The Meditation Room


an employee working on her laptop

A “Work” Area in The Assemblage


office seating area

Seating Area in The Assemblage


beautiful office space

An Elegant Space in The Assemblage


Has this space blown your mind like it has ours? Why not get in touch to lease it for yourself? You are also welcome to call us at 917-612-3664 for a faster response.


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