Office Interiors and Corporate Branding that Inspires Employees

Why bother leaving work for happy hour when you can bring happy hour to the office?

For lovers of the world famous beer, Heineken headquarters in White Plains could be a dream job.

Occupying over 60,000 sf right outside NYC, Heineken U.S. headquarters, spans across the 11th and 12th floors of 360 Hamilton. Heineken created an open and transparent environment that would inspire creativity, collaboration and company pride.  The graphics selective placed on the walls serve to keep the office environment engaging and exciting . There is an impressive staircase that connects the 11th and 12th leading from the café on 11 up to the Heineken bar on 12. The fancy amenities include a Bar with a pool table, the Amsterdam conference room has exercise bikes and they also have a game room with Ping Pong table and an iconic English telephone booth.

The Spector Group created an office space that is fanciful and energizing, yet corporate and energizing. They layout leans towards more of a bullpen format with breakout areas throughout that promote creativity and collaboration.


Interconnecting Stairs


Dramatic Lobby


Break Out Areas


Exciting Board Room


How to Make Beer


Dramatic Reception


Exciting Branding Promotes Company Culture


Office Pantry with Heineken Beer on Tap


The Heineken office is located in White Plains in the North of New York. From one view, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets across the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley. From the other view, you can appreciate the Manhattan skyline with its tall buildings and bridges. They have deep, personal relationships with many of the business in this area and have the ability to  attracting talent who come from New York, Hudson Valley and Connecticut. Rents in the area are substantially lower than NYC, perhaps by about 50% depending on the neighborhood. Commuters can also drive to work. For NYC residents, the ride to White Plains is 30-40 minutes from Grand Central Station.

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