Ready For a Co-working Space That Will Make Your Jaw Drop?

Designer Meyer Davis has learned how to transform a 48,000 square foot space into a living dream. The space I am referring to is known as The Assemblage, which is opening very soon in the financial district.

What Makes This Space So Special?

The beauty of this space is unlike most offices that we have seen in the past and when you walk into the space itself, it almost seems to come alive right before your eyes. There are over 2,530 plants meticulously placed throughout all twelve floors of the building itself. Did I mention that this modern masterpiece was created by the famous New York designer Meyer Davis?

This creative space is not only easy on the eyes, but it can also provide much needed stress relief for those extra long days. What do I mean? Well, for the patrons that are considered residents of this building have access to daily yoga and meditation classes, and they also have access to a plant-based elixir bar.

Fun Facts of This Unique Space

Did you know that this massive project was actually crowd funded and it took over 165 million dollars to turn this into a reality? No, I’m not kidding. Fun fact number two, this entire project was crafted with a mission in mind and that mission is to create positive change while helping individuals achieve their own passion and goals.

Moreover, this brilliant work of art will be available for lease in the upcoming months, and is conveniently located in the center of the financial district.

Feast Your Eyes on These.

They say a picture is worth one-thousand words, but I believe pictures like these are worth a million.

employee seating area in the Assemblage

The Assemblage Lounge Seating Area



nomad skull

Nomad Decor


coworking space in nyc

Coworking Space



an employee working on her laptop

a Work Area in The Assemblage



alchemy bar

The Alchemy Bar


Cafe in nyc



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