Recording Studio for Lease!

Why is this a big deal? Well, recordings studios are harder to come by and even more expensive to build. Reason being is that once they are built successfully, the tenant never wants to let them go. Elements of a great recording studio include:

  • great acoustics (limited reverberation)
  • sound attenuation (blocking outside noise)
  • attractive and welcoming interior where artists feel comfortable
  • high quality equipment
  • selection of instruments

With all these in place, the owner/operator of the studio will likely want to renew its lease.

The Amazing Offering at 148 West 24th Street

The unit is currently available for lease on a long term basis only. The space is 1,800 rentable square feet and has very high ceilings. The unit faces the courtyard of the building so you would expect it is quiet. Building lobby is not attended which keeps the maintenance costs really low. There is no equipment available but the unit is already wired. The Landlord is looking for a 10 year deal and there is a bathroom in the space. This unit is actually a commercial co-op and this individual floor may one day be fore sale. For additional details or to tour the property, call 917-612-3664.

Floor Plan

Sound Room

Recording Studio


Sound Room


How to Build a Recording Studio

The biggest issues with recording studios is that they must prevent noise from coming in or out. In order to achieve that, they must build something called a floating room. A floating room, is a room built somewhat in the air. The floor of the floating room is elevated. It is held up by posts that have special sound dampening. Even after they are built, noise can leak and the whole room may have to be rebuilt.

At 148 West 24th there is an existing recording studio available for lease. The space is built with one main recording room and two other rooms adjacent to it. The installation needs some cosmetic upgrades but the bones are great. There is even an attractive kitchen area already in place.

If you want more details about how to purchase or lease this space, then please contact Daniel Hasset at 917-612-3664. You can also contact Daniel by visiting our contact page.



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